About Us

In keeping with the North-American Division, our REACH strategy for the Quebec Conference includes five points that relate to our mission. Over the next five years, we aim at excellence in the implementation of these five values.
  • Revival & transformation: A closer walk with God through public and personal worship.
  • Education and discipleship: Every youth and adult learning and growing toward Christlikenes.
  • Alignment around love for Christ and for everyone, enriching the diversity of our church community.
  • Community, outreach and evengelism: Every member an active and enthusiastic witness for God.
  • Healthy leadership:  As stewards of “Our Father’s business”, we pursue excellence in the management of our organization.
In 2020, each church member of the Quebec Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is trained and equipped for service, is active in a ministry according to his sphere of activity and his spiritual gifts. In this church of 2020, the youth is involved at all levels of decision-making and action.

To bring church members to live a happy Christian life to share with the residents of the Province of Quebec the Adventism’s distinctive christocentric message of hope and wholeness.

1. Cultural and ethnic diversity of our members.
2. The indigenous population has never heard of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
3. Paradox in the religious heritage of Quebec between rejection of all traditional religious institutions on the one hand, and an ongoing search for meaning on the other hand.
4. Conflict between the values taught in the traditional families and the recomposed ones.

1. The search for meaning and purpose among the inhabitants of the Province.
2. Access to multimedia communication tools.
3. The growing number of immigrants arriving in Quebec.  
4. The youth and young professionals of the church who are the products of the milieu quebecois.

Since “all the human faculties related to body, soul and spirit have been given by God to help us reach the highest level of excellence possible” (CE 64, E.G. White), the Quebec Conference of Seventh-day Adventists aims at EXCELLENCE in all its plans and special events.