Hébert Valiamé
Abner Théodore
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Dominique Merceus
Dominique Mercéus
 Associate Director Pathfinders
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Alvina Ryan
Alvina Ryan
 Associate Director Adventurers
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Magdala Deluy
 Associate Director Adventurers
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  • Deadline to order Investiture material:  February 28, 2017 and August 25, 2017.  Please make sure to use the website that has been set specially for this.
Adventurer Leaders' Training. 

  • 2019 Chosen International Camporee (August 12-19, 2019)

Up-coming events for 2016:
         January 17:  Registration for Master Guides in Training)  French sector (Philadelphie Church)
         January 17:  Registration for Master Guides in Traning.  English sector (Westmount Church)
         February 6: Pathfinder Bible Experience - Area Level.  (Location to be determined)
         February 7:  Leaders' Convention (LaSalle New Life Church)
         February 12-14:  10-hour Training Course - English sector (Westmount Church)
         February 14:  Beginning for Master Guides Training - French sector (Philadelphie Church)
          March 5: Pathfinder Bible Experience - Conference level (Beer-Shéba Church).
         March 12-14:  11-hour Training Session (Pathfinder) (French sector).  (Philadelphie Church)
         March 19: Pathfinder Bible Experience - Union level.  Location to be determined.
         April 15-16: Pathfinder Bible Experience - Division level. (Prescott, Arizona, USA)
         April 23-24:  Adventurer Leaders' Training
         April 30:  Master Guide Investiture (English sector) (Westmount Church)
        July 1st:  Canada Day Parade
        August 2-7:  Eastern Canada Pathfinder Camporee "Refresh" (Duclos, Québec).  Details to come.
        September 2-5:  Master Guide in Training Camp Camp Mariste)
        September 16-18:  Quebec Conference Session
        October 22:  Pathfinder Sabbath (Local Church)
        November 19:  Adventurer Sabbath (Local Church)      
        December 17:  Debriefing with Pathfinder/Adventurer Directors and Master Guides

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Denise Nadeau
Denise Nadeau
Tel. : 450-651-5222 #233