Modify your official blank donation receipts by adding "Location receipt issued"

STEP-BY-STEP procedure to modify your official blank donation receipts by adding "Location receipt issued" (procedure for 2017 et previous years)

STEP-BY-STEP procedure to modify your official blank donation receipts by adding "Location receipt issued" (procedure for 2017 et previous years)
Updated January 23rd, 2018
Download the following 2 files : an Acrobat Reader PDF file and a Microsoft WORD file.
  • You want those 2 files ON YOUR COMPUTER.  Usually, downloaded files from the internet are located in the "Download" directory.
  • The location MONTREAL is already written in the PDF file: this should answer the needs of our local churches located in Montreal.
  • If the proposed location (MONTREAL) is not yours,
    • still follow the steps below to confirm at least that the printing alignment is OK for you. If it's OK, ...
    • ... then simply advise Jean Renaud by Email who will send you directly the PDF file corrected with the proper location.
Regarding the Microsoft WORD file:
  • Those of you WHO ARE AT EASE WITH COMPUTERS can use that file.
  • Instead of using the PDF file that does NOT work for you, you can play with the WORD file and make micro-ajustments for spacing, modify yourself the location, and make it look exactly as you wish!
Print 5-10 pages of the PDF downloaded file on white sheets of paper in order to make a first alignment test with your printer.
  • VERY IMPORTANT to use the radio button "Actual size" in the printing options of Acrobat Reader.  Usually, we prefer to use the "Fit" option but not this time.

Make sure you are using the right printer parameters in Donation Accounting for printing the receipts.
  • First click on the big button Report Settings for Receipts :
    • Report Menu / Receipts, and click on this button at the top right of your window
  • Then, make sure there are NO MARGIN AT ALL: these margins (Left, Right, Top, Bottom) should all be at zero.  The "Line Height Multiplier" should be at 100.

Print a real 2017 official donation receipt, from your 2017 data set, USING AS BLANK RECEIPTS THE FEW PAGES PRINTED AT STEP #2 from the PDF file.

Of course, we're talking here of printing a DUMMY/TEST receipt that will be destroy after printing.  Let's not forget: we are doing a printer alignment here.
  • Type the number 1 in the field “Maximum number of receipts in a group” (in replacement of 50)
  • Press the PRINT button: you will now see 5 window messages:
    • Answer YES at Message 1 of 5 (importance of making a backup before going any further)
    • Answer YES at Message 2 of 5 (donations all entered?)
    • Answer YES at Message 3 of 5 (infos OK?)
    • Answer YES at Message 4 of 5 (how to make a test receipts?)
    • Answer YES at Message 5 of 5 (Printing)
  • Answer NO to the question : “… have receipts 1 to 1 been printed succesfully?”
  • Click on OK to leave the printing of official receipts.

Verify the alignment. 

Is this new piece of information (Location receipt issued) well inserted/positionned among the other lines of the three (3) 2017 donation receipts printed on one single page (printed the step before)?

If YES, it does mean that the alignment procedure worked well for you : YES, you are now able to add this new piece of information on your blank receipts WHILE RESPECTING THE ALIGNMENT.  You can now use those modified blank receipts to print as usual your 2017 official donation receipts.

If NO, are you at ease when using a computer?

If YES, then use the WORD file instead and bring in some micro-ajustments to align properly this new piece of information on your official receipts.

If NO, then you need to talk with Jean Renaud.

If the alignment test worked well for you, does the location name "MONTREAL" need to be modified?

If YES, simply contact Jean Renaud by Email who will send you back a corrected PDF file with the right location name.

If NO, then it means everything's fine!

Do STEP #2 again with all your blank receipts on hand or to come, and use those newly modified blank receipts to print your official donation receipts.