Printing of Official Donation Receipts

A) VERIFY that official donation receipts are ready to print

A) VERIFY that official donation receipts are ready to print
Updated January 23rd, 2018
Starting in year 2017, official donation receipts with INCOMPLETE POSTAL ADDRESS must not be printed, no matter the amount involved.  Click HERE to see how to disable their printing.


Main Menu / Report Menu / Receipts / View

ATTENTION: Do not press the PRINT button from this window.
You must NOT print your receipts from this window that is used only to look at them on the screen. 

CHECKLIST OF THINGS TO LOOK ON PRINTED RECEIPTS when you look at them on the screen: 
  • Middle left (FOR EACH DONOR/RECEIPT)
    • Donor's postal address: this information is MANDATORY.  Without it, the receipt cannot be printed.  Click HERE to see how to disable their printing.
    • Donor's name: should correspond ideally to the one they use on their personal income tax report.
  • Top right (ONLY ONCE)
    • Starting serial number: usually 1 unless you are an entity using the Quebec Conference Registration Number 11879 3074 RR 0001.
    • Date range: usually from January to December (for January - December 201X CONTRIBUTIONS)
  • Top left (ONLY ONCE)
    • Name of the church: must correspond to the one registered with the Canadian Government (as a Registered Charity)
    • Physical address of the church: must correspond to the one on file as declared on the last yearly T3010 Information Return form.
    • Registration Number: should look like 11879 3074 RR XXXX (except fort Béthel)
While browsing on screen through all the receipts up to the last one,
  1. note which ones need correction(s).
    • if the donor's name are legitimate (for example, if the donor's name is "Anonymous", we should not print a receipt)
    • if all postal addresses are exact, INCLUDING THE POSTAL CODE, and
    • if amounts make sense for each donor (for example, there may be an important unusual amount allocated to a child that has the same name as his father).
  2. note also the total amount of receipts to print.  This gives you a good idea
    • of the amount of work that needs to be done (50 receipts or 400 receipts to print);
    • of the amount of blank receipts needed on hand, that is 150% of the total of receipts to be printed;
    • of the number of batch you will use to print your official receipts (per 50 or per less).


What to do at Year-End IN SUMMARY?

1) Make a Bank Reconciliation as of December 31st.
2) Bring to zero negative balances (and sometimes positive ones also) when needed.
3) Make sure the Official Donation Receipts are ready, and enter corrections if any. 
4) Print the receipts NOW or LATER.
5) Close the year (month of December).