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eAdventist.NET User Authorization Form

eAdventist.NET User Authorization Form

The two main roles given to users of eAdventist.NET are Church Clerk and Pastor.  

Since eAdventist.NET users have access to the personal data of church members and visitors, we ask ALL users to express their consent to the Policy Statement described below by filling and returning the eAdventist.NET User Authorization Form SIGNED by the user AND SIGNED by the authorizing person, that is, the pastor in the case of a church clerk user, or the Conference Executive Secretary in the case of a pastor. 

I will not disclose my password to anyone. 

If I am aware that my password is being used by anyone else for any reason, I will notify the authorized person at the conference office and request an immediate password change. 

I also will not give out information from the membership database to unauthorized persons. 

I understand that if I disclose my password to anyone or give out unauthorized data, my right to use the membership database may be discontinued.