Financial Review of Local Churches

Administrative tasks - Checklist

Administrative tasks - Checklist
A - Availability, at the beginning of the audit, of ALL required audit documents
B1 - Quality of the classification of various documents and supporting vouchers
B2 - Classification BY CHEQUE NUMBER of supporting documents for disbursements
C - Compliance with the 48 hours delay (Monday) to deposit offerings collected on Sabbath morning
D - Compliance with the monthly remittance deadline of funds that belong to the Conference, at the latest the 10th of the following month
E - Monthly forwarding to the Conference of the six (6) Donation Accounting monthly remittance reports equivalent to the "copy of the monthly [manual] remittance worksheet"
F1 - Presence and signature of at least 2 persons when counting the cash after collecting the tithe and offerings on Sabbath
F2 - Proof of the amount of cash counted: available to a different person than the one transporting the cash: Y/N?
G1 - Multiples signatures (if required) on cheques ONLY AFTER the amount AND the beneficiary have been written on it
G2 - For Montreal, double signatures for cheques that ar above a predefined amount
H - Forwarding to the Conference, if renting, for insurance responsibility, of information related to the acquisition of valuable equipment
I - Petty cash managed by the treasurer or members after agreement with the Conference
J - Yearly federal declaration and yearly provincial declaration filled out and returned to the federal and provincial governments before the 30th of June of the following year
K - Declaration to the Quebec Conference of all persons that received an annual monetary compensation exceeding $500. for services rendered