Financial Review of Local Churches

Accounting tasks - Checklist

Accounting tasks - Checklist
A1 - Offerings recorded in the books = Amount deposited in the bank
A2 - Allocation of the offerings recorded in the books = Donors will
A2 - Offerings recorded in the books = Envelopes of the donors
A3 - Official income tax receipts < Offerings recorded in the books
A5 - Allocation of the Love Offering = according to the Conference recommendation (75/15/10)
A6 - Investments in the books = Investments on paper
A7 - Disbursements = Supporting documents
A8 - Important but unusual disbursement = Church board authorization
A9 - Bank Reconciliation done regularly (ideally monthly)
A10 - Total amount of bank corrections to enter in the church books for reconciliation
A11 - Total number of bank chequing accounts
A12 - Bank balance as per December 31st, according to the bank statement
A13 - REAL bank balance in the books at year end, after correction and reconciliation
A14 - Total number of investment accounts
A15 - Amounts agreed to be paid to the Revolving Funds or to other entities